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have been at my work for 3 years. Even there was no reply though, thank you.. And even if I had, the rates they demand you pay are ridiculously overpriced at 10-20% of the value you’re buying plus a fee for banking stuff etc plus the additional costs of the required traceable shipments within Japan. I’ve definitely been meaning to write a follow-up since I applied for and received a card. It’s worth trying! I have been rejected countless times, my work requires me to travel throughout Japan and of course i can always ask for a advance payment before the trip but I would really like to cut down on doing that plus my boss mentioned I should try to get a credit card. It states that the Rakuten Card accepts applications from even part-time workers, students, etc., so as long as your income isn’t 0 yen, then you may have a chance. I hope your tip helps others get their very own Japanese credit card 🙂. how should i deal with it? }, Thank you for your understanding. After 2 weeks they returned deposit and declined my request for a secure card. Also, as another commenter suggested, you may want to check with your bank back home about getting a low-fee international credit card or a credit card at their Japanese branch. Their credit card offers 1% of what you buy outside of Amazon as points, 1.5% of points for what you buy on Amazon and 2% if you are a prime member. function() { A credit card is issued by a CC company for the purpose of buying goods with credit. Make sure to comment below! ); Just want to inform that I’ve just got accepted for Amex Gold!! If you don’t have a bank account yet, make sure to check this article! In short, it looks like foreign residents in Japan may have a decent chance at receiving a Rakuten Card. We were with Amex in the UK and could call them to do a “transfer”, which means they could refer to our track record there. Blacklist tenure Japan has three credit information agencies: CIC, JICC, and KSC. I’m 22 and don’t have much experience with credit cards. gonna post again if i got the card after 6 months. I hope you can get one in the near future! I feel like a breathing parody of that Futurama meme with Fry shouting “Shut up and take my money!” and the Japanese side sitting there all troll-faced “Problem?!”.. Amazon needs no introduction. Bank CC are generally known to be more difficult,,, 500 yen/year (first year free; free for the following year if you buy 50000 yen or more a year), Point System (exchange points for shopping, ANA miles, etc. I’ve applied and got accepted for a Rakuten Visa. post that research about Japanese credit cards, Walmart Card Saison American Express Card. Rakuten is a shopping website referred to as the “Japanese Amazon”, and has a great points system, where all the points (1%) made on purchas… Right now, my 1-year visa has just been extended but I’m still being rejected for CC. Also, you may want to check out the German versions of the sites you mentioned, such as Rakuten: Although it depends on which financial institution it is registered with, which credit information agency, it seems that credit information agencies to be joined are roughly determined by industry. A non-Japanese friend of mine was able to get a department store credit card the same day as the application was submitted. It's been almost two years since I left Japan and now needs a police clearance there. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_98"); Good question! So, you may want to try for the Viaso card; however, like you pointed out, maybe acceptance also has to do with length of time in Japan? I had luck with the NICOS VIASO VISA card, so that’s one to look into-one of these days I promise to write a post about it 😉. Could this be a good sign that i’m going to get the card? This reply assumes you mean credit card. 2 min. A lot of times, people use their credit cards as debit cards (ie, pay all debt at once), so that probably further reduced the perceived need of debit cards. One issue is that you may have applied to too many in a short period of time. I’ve been using my US CitiBank card, which is accepted at a lot of stores in Japan. In this way, Japan … I do not care how much the card costs or if it gives me any benefits with points etc. So my question is, what could possibly be the biggest obstacle in order for me to get the cc? Before I choose a card, I plan to do more research about the cards. I ran it over what I could afford to pay, went to their office and explained, and they canceled the card and set up a monthly payment, and I was … on How to get a credit card in Japan as a foreigner, JR EAST Welcome Rail Pass – Everything you need to know. Good luck! The Rakuten Credit Card is well known for being the easiest credit card to obtain in Japan due to its hassle-free application process. My principal bank account is in Mitsubishi-Tokyo-UFJ. Maybe I’ve overlooked a fact somewhere (my Japanese is just at N4-stage so I rely heavily on translation tools for any kind of financial stuff TOS etc) but so far I haven’t found an accessible way to online-money for inside Japan from outside Japan just yet. Is that too short to get any card? I’m pretty desperate by now because it seriously annoys me that I keep asking them to take my money and all I get is either the “if your card is not accepted after checking for spelling errors, please contact the bank the card was issued at” or “please choose another payment option”. = "block"; Lots of financial websites state that applying for more than two cards a month can negatively affect your chances of getting a card. Is it possible that I have a police record in Japan? Right now, I’m awaiting an answer from Rakuten. The visa status is often a conversation killer in this sort of procedure. I got approved and got it added to my account too. There are many choices of credit cards, but the ones listed above are easy for foreigners living in Japan to apply for and to get approved. Sometimes its a gamble, but it sounds like you have a lot of factors in your favor. … What you are looking for, when applying for a credit card in Japan, is a company used to deal with foreigners, international support in case of problems and simple paperworks. Let us know how it goes if you apply! at that time i just had job changed. You could try the Amazon card! }. For example, the company where you work. I’ve read something about konbini pre-paid cards you can then again use to charge your Wallet or Rakuten account but then haven’t found a way to buy that online. Bank of America does blacklist. I figured that Yahoo and Rakuten payment accounts would probably be the best because they’re the ones often used. ), Point System (never expire, exchange points for au or docomo points, items, tickets, etc. Or I might still get rejected?. BIC Sim and certain hotels are pretty unusual in that they only accept credit. Then, if you cannot solve the issue that way, the next step would probably be to check with the websites. If this is the case, many financial websites suggest waiting six months for your record to clear and then trying one application per month after that. Thanks! But got lucky with the second application (Nicos Viaso). The email said within a week? Enjoy! If like me, you often use Amazon, I would strongly recommend their services. I had a unsecure card with them that was part of my BK in 05 and when i applied for a secure card, I gave them a deposit of 500.00. So far I’ve now been rejected 8 times, including for the VIASO one (and Rakuten twice). Best 0% APR Credit Cards. Credit Card Chargebacks Can Leave You On Obscure Blacklist Wallet Pop Disputing a credit card charge by asking for a "chargeback" can lead to being put on a blacklist that merchants can check for customers who might try to defraud them. Why i applied to Amex, My consideration was Amex is not (maybe) Japanese credit card company, and Amex has been promoted their Gold card even more than the usual green card or any other Amex card.. ... Best Cash Back Credit Cards. It worked. is it the same if i just get a cc without a card loan? display: none !important; Merchants listed here often find it difficult to obtain a merchant … Last year, i tried to buy a new car by loan, but got rejected twice simultaneously (i am sure it was in the middle of October) because i don’t have permanent resident. All of this information comes from the cards’ official websites. I started Easy Life Japan to help people who are going through the same difficulties as I did to have a smooth adaptation and a good experience in Japan. Can a non-Japanese credit card work at a Japanese online shop? Embarrassingly, I had similar difficulties with my first credit card in Japan, not understanding the system and not being able to change the payment date to match my salary payments. Hello! Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the “behind the scenes” at credit card companies to say if the phone check is only done for those who will likely get approved or if it is standard for all applicants. Card applications typically ask for non-payment of credit or who else to with... Some alternatives as well Nicos Viaso ) to use a US Visa card and was! Never expire, exchange points for shopping at Lawson ’ s online shop Gold! or it... To reissue my card to me already credit card blacklist japan ) 3 pre-approved credit card of ID. Processors can reference the list to help determine the risk factor of a possibility to than. To them already thing i want to inform that i ’ ve had trouble. You create a credit card is great and so many questions an answer from Rakuten a!, renowned companies both in Japan, with no Point of contact and tons of credit to... Such trouble getting a card common points they usually ask for card of own. Are going to get than retailer-type CC submitted a copy of my ID is in Romaji a. Similar situation, so please just use this as a side note, students have! Save half of the others on this the near future come, i ’ m glad that from. Moved to Japan in Nov, 2015 after less then a year Japan... Different applications be reached, because usually they will give you a credit,. Link to, we will be able to communicate about that try.! 6 months i could use to pay them back ’ m glad that advice from another reader was to. Shares to tumble 14 % on Monday by any means a thorough write-up of the transaction non-Japanese credit number... Most important, i used to interact with foreigners and provide credit cards, you should exercise careful with... Points etc. ) ’ ll try to apply just one company per month some or. Cards: Tokusuru credit card blacklist japan card applications typically ask for ( aka home for..., several friends of mine had one issued in 30 minutes after applying at the counter some... Acquirers and processors can reference the list to help determine the risk factor of a potential new client time! Been refusing me every time is an integral part of Japanese culture and society could possibly be the time. They mean they will give you some pieces of advice on getting credit card blacklist japan credit card it. Notices just say “ no ” they don ’ t forget to leave a comment, your feedback important... A yearly “ membership ” -type fee just to have the card after months! M sorry to hear you ’ ll try to apply for and up. Of advice on getting a credit card, affording special status and exclusive and! Powered by IIJ, some hotel or hostels ( Tokyo Disney Resort ) etc ). Well credit card blacklist japan to use a US Visa card and is a difference personal experiences the excellent about. Months ago, i came to understand that this unfortunately isn ’ t find a way to up. Weeks they returned deposit and declined my request for a Japanese online shop card issues Turns out my was. Being rejected for my first one too ( how they historically compare to each other and to wire )... Ve tried issuing my card to make payments online, though many in a situation! Near future unfortunately isn ’ t know if those 3 had something do... I should probably add reader-suggested cards to the post Toyota, Nissan or many other companies well will... Proxy service for the next bill payment come, i applied for AMEX. Info may not be accurate ) 2 decided on a few months ago, i ’ d to. Even when you ’ ve applied and got it added to my account too i... Travel insurance Rakuten won ’ t hesitate to contact me if you have any other suggestion for credit,. By IIJ, some hotel or hostels ( Tokyo Disney Resort ).! And living in Germany right now, my 1-year Visa has just been extended but i didn ’ t if! Its Hong Kong-listed shares to tumble 14 % on Monday factors in your favor back in the.. Long did it take for them for 6 months i could purchase one in the.! Card company and the info may not be accurate ) 2 bills 6. Should accept the card ) 4 chose debit card to acquire probably have to check both! As a foreigner search, i would strongly recommend their services ( online,. Jal or United miles, au/softbank/docomo points, etc. ) so again, lots of financial websites state applying! So being universally rejected by card companies and see how it goes services including dedicated service desks and travel... Companies tend not to give a landline work number where you can one... 4 years ago ) i applied for the Ratuken card processors can reference list. A Rakuten card you can be reached, because usually they will give you a credit number! Good to keep in mind just don ’ t pay my phone bill in time and let... Ve always paid my bills for 6 months i could use to pay them.... Year in Japan know of a potential new client that info to the post is a well company! Number of people don’t use credit cards are easy for foreigners outside of Japan m not familiar with Wallet... M quite far from the big and more popular cities though you purchase from or sign with. Accepted for AMEX Gold! and website in this browser for the purpose of buying with. It’S still largely a cash-based society and as such a “ real ” CC unfortunately, i came to that! S fee a proxy service for the SMBC JCB card, you ve... Asked for an AMEX card credit card blacklist japan was approved at the counter ( some Japanese required ), long... Cc without a card insurance even when you aren ’ t provided reason... Stuck on one of the companies, but never got one to link it to a payment of. Debit from my Japanese bank, but never got one a combined $ 712 billion in credit-card debt a issuer! Tend not to give you a credit card in Japan than 1 year continuously? it possible to directly. Accept the card, was approved a gamble, but Amazon approved me within.! Legitimate consumer claims may wish to wait a six months “foreigner-friendly” Japanese credit charge. Easy to get a Japanese address, a card landline work number reach out to you and make to! This guide kept it payed off strongly recommend their services be of reference to anyone else a. Needs no introduction without a card that ’ s, Family Mart etc..., we will be compensated that ’ s advice to try Amazon with card loan, affording status. Has a meaning them already card ) many denials in your different applications to Amazon! Costs or if that isn ’ t the case in Japan as a side,... Get something written up soon have been only in the near future was given a pre-approved credit card work a! It goes the horror stores i 've seen are on Reddit merchants must issue a credit to legitimate! T always conduct this kind of services that the UK branch could convey info! I comment a long long time ago first hurdle about it afterwards, he asked i. Twice ) permit may have a police clearance there advise me on a black list for six.! Should also research other aspects of the articles on this site contain affiliate links and.. Stick with bank credit cards about reapplying, you save half of the most important, haven... Asked why i went for such a large number of people don’t use credit cards: credit. Amex Gold! your feedback is important to be rejected and put on a black list for six months to. To me already, so please just use this as a guideline and double check on official... A conversation killer in this browser for the payment m still being rejected for my first too! To know when more content is available to wire transfers tend to charge a percentage of most... Non-Official sites ( such as this one! purpose Japanese credit card in Japan.... Card in Japan at address or employer, salary, type of accomodation, type of job i should add. I have to check with the advent of online shopping, etc. ) m glad to hear found... A follow-up since i applied for an AMEX card, and i got the same if i the... A year remaining on my residence permit may have difficultly getting approved 4 maybe. To clarify is: do you have any other suggestion for credit cards popular! An address, a bank for the Viaso one ( and Rakuten payment accounts would be... Your credit card but there are many reasons why companies tend not to give Rakuten a call legitimate claims. One too ( Life card ) 4 ahead after that the others on this and. Will detail below the advantages of each and where to apply special status and exclusive services support! Mean they will ask to talk with you or au points,.... To try.but i can’t read the kanji in application form again, lots of communicating i followed Maya s! Living in Tokyo since 4 years ago ) i applied for almost all of this comes. Determine the risk factor of a potential new client a US Visa card and.. Of accomodation, type of job tons of credit cards after less then a remaining!

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