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Supervising the operations, often in desperation at the tactics involved, is Chief Insp. Buy this series on DVD at Amazon.co.uk In the 1970s action focused around flighty shop assistant Suzie Birchall (Cheryl Murray), corner shop girl Tricia Hopkins (Kathy Jones) and insecure Gail Potter (Helen Worth). Popular TV Shows 1974. Buy this series on DVD at Amazon.co.uk UK (BBC) Situation Comedy. BBC 2 reran the series in 1994. Regular visitors, much to Mildred's embarrassment, are her materialistic sister Ethel (Avril Elgar) and brother-in-law Humphrey (Reginald Marsh). BBC 1 In charge of the ladies' cash desks, amid the intimate apparel, is billowing Mrs. Slocombe, a superficially dignified mistress of the unfortunate phrase, who brings howls of laughter from the studio audience with her fluorescent rinses and her constant worries about her pussy. UK (ATV) Science Fiction. Don Satchley (Michael Medwin) is Eddie's station manager. ; January. The series, played with a generous slice of humour, was shown in the USA under the title My Partner the Ghost but was not a great success across the Atlantic. Gambit provides the muscle which Steed now lacks. ITV 1976-9 Despite a lacklustre final season, when the budget had clearly been slashed, Blake's 7 achieved cult status, not just in the UK but in America, too. Surprisingly for UK '70s TV, the set is good apart from the 'out of the front door shot'. After a five-year hiatus, Thames picked up the format for ITV, and the company continued to produce the show when it returned to the BBC in 1994. The man who brought racist views and foul language into British living rooms is a hard act to follow. Jill married three times (once bigamously) and Meg herself married twice. Within the intelligence service, Callan's immediate boss is Hunter (Ronald Radd, Michael Goodliffe, Derek Bond and William Squire) not a specific person but a codename for the various heads of department supervising him. When practising a fire drill, he refuses to allow a real kitchen fire to interrupt the flow of proceedings; when entertaining German guests, a blow on the head encourages the already unbalanced hotelier to goosestep around the dining room, magnificently failing not to "mention the war." A couple of Christmas specials kept the concept alive during the early 1980s, before public clamor was answered with a new series in 1988. Allegedly he is around 750 years old and, being a Time Lord, has two hearts and is allowed 13 regenerations. As the series progresses, The Doctor's companions change frequently. BBC 1 1978-80; 1983; 1985; 1988-90, Based on the celebrated autobiographical novels of James Herriot, All Creatures Great and Small proved to be an enormous success as a TV series, inspired by a 1974 cinema version featuring Simon Ward, and its 1976 sequel, It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet starring John Alderton. Just better. ITV 1978-9, Nine years after Roger Moore hung up Simon Templar's halo, lookalike Ian Ogilvy tried it on for size. BBC 1 1973; 1975-6; 1978-9; 1981-93; 1995-, Last of the Summer Wine is the world's longest-running sitcom. On one side, there is Alf, a bald, bespectacled bigot, patriotically standing up for the Queen and cheerfully pushing the blame for the country's ills on the "Darling Harold" Wilson and immigrants. Filled with northern grit and heavily influenced by contemporary "kitchen sink" dramas, Z Cars was set on Merseyside, at a time when the Liverpool docklands were undergoing radical social change. Buy this series on DVD at Amazon.co.uk, MORCAMBE AND WISE July TV Schedule. Television Presenter. They certainly wouldn't have been aired in peak hours. What were the most popular TV shows in 1975? The hero David Callan (Edward Woodward) is a hard man, edgy and friendless. His wartime sitcom, Then Churchill Said to Me, made in 1982, was not broadcast (because of the Falklands conflict) until UK Gold screened it 11 years later. The series became a surprise hit, even though only screened on BBC 2, but it ended after just two years. by mrdannydoodah Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Only 'Land of the Lost' was a hit. Val Doonican Show (ITV) 13. However, disillusioned with the Corporation's lack of commitment to the programme, the team moved to LWT for a short run in 1981-2, by which time the concept had dated somewhat. Watched It I've Watched This. UK (BBC) Drama. It is at this point that we learn more about The Doctor's spaceship. He had been given the chance to retrieve his dodgy reputation within British Intelligence by bumping off an enemy agent, but this was merely a ruse to nail him for murder and so dispose of him. Oscar-winning writer Anthony Minghella was the series' script editor, 1983-8. Frank Haskins (Garfield Morgan). A look at some of the best British TV Shows & Series 1970s and 1980s. At some time in the third century of the second calendar, the populated worlds of our galaxy find themselves at the mercy of a cruel, remorseless dictatorship known as The Federation. The atmospheric original them music (modernized by later producers) was composed by Ron Grainer of the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop. Next comes schoolteacher Margaret (Lesley Nunnerley), who marries John Porter (Ian Thompson), who goes missing in action. Walter Henry "Wolfie" Smith (Robert Lindsay) is the Che Guevara of south-west London -- or so he believes. ITV 1972-6. Fresh from an East End CID division, he is calm on the outside but harbours a rage within which threatens to burst out at any second. of classic TV shows on DVD! It quickly lodged itself into the Saturday teatime slot and gained a wonderful reputation for frightening children and entertaining adults. So, it appears, Sapphire and Steel are elements sent from above, although their forms are human. The family's wealth is lost in the 1929 Wall Street Crash, James commits suicide and the house has to be sold. Speed Buggy / CBS ... Third show on Saturday mornings in 1974 that had dinosaurs running around - one on each network. In Z Victor 2 are Irishman Herbert "Bert" Lynch (James Ellis) and red-headed Bob Steele (Jeremy Kemp). Along the way, in cosy, soap opera fashion, it depicts the household's struggles to win through in times of adversity, whether social (such as a visit by the King for dinner) or real (when Rose's fiancé is tragically killed in the Great War). 4. The other key members of the platoon are just as distinctive. Based on the book by Major Pat Reid, a genuine survivor of Colditz who acted as technical adviser, this series follows the adventurous bids for freedom of a group of high-level Allied POWs, most of whom have already succeeded in escaping from other prison camps. NOW ON DVD! 8/12/1974. Shazam! He followed "Miss Diane" back to King's Oak, but continued to suffer more than his fair share of misfortune, including the death of his gypsy girlfriend, Maureen Flynn, on their wedding day. Earth is suddenly under threat from all quarters, as malevolent aliens cast their eyes on the planet, and it is during this period that The Doctor's arch-rival, The Master (Roger Delgado), a scheming, mesmeric, renegade Time Lord with a goatee beard and a sinister smirk, makes his debut. Buy this series on DVD at Amazon.co.uk TV Shows > 1974 TV Shows. John Cleese did not appear in the final season (which went out under the simple title Monty Python). Jack benny special january 1974.JPG 652 × 834; 122 KB. Clearly divided into male and female sections, supervised by department manager Mr. Rumbold (Nicholas Smith) and floor walker Captain Stephen Peacock (Frank Thornton), the clothing section employs some well-defined comedy stereotypes. Evans (David Lloyd Meredith), miserable dog-handler PC Henry Snow (Terence Rigby) (and his most famous charge, Inky) and a local detective inspector, Harry Hawkins (Norman Bowler). A young person's special, entitled Antiques Roadshow - the Next Generation, has been screened occasionally. Buy this series on DVD at Amazon.co.uk, THE SWEENEY UK (Granada) Drama. There was also a short-lived American version, starring Ron Masak and Harrison Page, in 1973. He works as a consultant at UNIT (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce), commanded by Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart (Nicholas Courtney), a by-the-book, traditional army man who first appears as a Colonel in the Troughton days. They live in a typical 1970s flat, dominated by portraits of the Queen (for Tim) and Chairman Mao (for Bill), plus Graeme's computer. Regular consultants to the series were Roy Bottomley and Tom Brennand. Wrapped around the sketches were Terry Gilliam's chaotic, surreal cartoons which "stole" images from classical art. The series combines the best aspects of farce -- misconstrued conversations, physical stunts, well-timed exits and entrances, etc. Shazam! UK (Thames/Euston Films) Police Drama. One such alien, Maya (Catherine Schell), who possesses the ability to turn herself into plants or animals and is the last survivor of the planet Psychon, joins the crew and becomes the girlfriend of first officer Tony Verdeschi (Tony Anholt). Inspector Large (Ivor Dean) is the programme's token grumpy copper. Eldest child is David (Colin Campbell), a docks worker who has married too young to Sheila (Coral Atkins), produced two children, Peter and Janet, and is constantly in debt until he joins the R.A.F. Saved from tvparty.com. Original UK air date: November 16, 1969. Convinced he could produce something better than the humourless sitcoms he was watching, he created the character of an ageing hippie turned working-class hero, whose support for Fulham FC was yet another lost cause. Her efforts bear fruit at the end of the series when the two are married -- and Audrey is back in charge at the manor. Since the first broadcast in 1979, there has been much raiding of attics and basements across the land, in the hope of discovering something of value. They live in Birch Avenue, Putney, with their two teenage children Mike (Robin Stewart) and Sally (Sally Geeson), and this is where their real problems begin. 1 st Saturday. 2020 in British television – Many popular TV shows, such as Through the Keyhole and Take Me Out were axed. These days, Coronation Street plays almost like a situation comedy, although shocks, tragedy and moments of high drama are liberally dispersed throughout its episodes. UK (ATV) Comedy. Presenting a different case each week, over three half-hour episodes, Crown Court was a stalwart of ITV's first afternoon schedules. Central was prepared to give him another bite of the cherry three years later but Hill died of a heart attack in 1992 before he could finish the series. Popular Quizzes Today. Tommy Cooper was a tall, Caerphilly-born comedian, notorious as the fez-wearing magician with the bad gags and bemused look whose tricks always failed. Brenda (Gay Rose) is one of Rigsby's later lodgers. Two spin-offs followed: Robin's Nest, in which Robin opens his own bistro, and George and Mildred, following the Ropers' new life on a middle-class housing estate. The fly in the ointment is Vicky's disapproving dad, James Nicholls (Tony Britton), a far from sleeping partner in the business, although her divorced mother, Marion (Honor Blackman, later Barbara Murray), is far more sympathetic about her daughter's cohabitation with a long-haired cook. The duo were back together again seven years later, thanks to a remarkably successful revival entitled Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? presence was not quite eradicated, however as the name Radio West was bought up by the real-life independent radio station set up to serve the Bristol area. His multinational pupils include amorous French girl Danielle Favre (Françoise Pascal), humorless German Anna Schmidt (Jacki Harding), Italian romeo Giovanni Cupello (George Camiller), and other similarly well-defined racial stereotypes, all of whom have clearly never considered the concept of ethnic tolerance. Misunderstanding and abuse are rife in the classroom, leading to constant aggression and turning the naive, inoffensive Brown into a quivering, frustrated wreck. Blamire is replaced by another ex-military man, army sign-writer Walter "Foggy" Dewhurst (Brian Wilde) (actor Michael Bates had taken ill). Other guests were introduced as the host worked his way chronologically through the person's life, reading from a large red book. It covered subjects as intense as child abuse, racism, sex, pregnancy, job hunting and, yes, drugs; and, while it received no thanks from Mary Whitehouse, its audience, aged between six and 16, loved it. Buy this series on DVD at Amazon.co.uk Road-testing new models, highlighting innovations and generally keeping the motorist well informed, Top Gear was given a test drive in the BBC Midlands area in 1977 before being given the green light nationwide a year later. Stunning Sapphire, true to her name, wears bright blue; blond-haired Steel, cold and humourless, dresses in grey. The aim is to pre-empt trouble and so nip crime in the bud. The heats consisted of two games based on little quizzes and challenges -- guessing film themes and miming the answer to a partner, spotting personalities in disguise, etc. There are more than 5 million programme listings in Genome. Indeed, most of the series' humour came from his sharp, glib delivery. Badger's Set; Behind The Fridge; Billy Liar; Bird Alone; Bless This … Hill was one British comedy export who made even the Americans laugh (his show was syndicated in the US during the 1970s and 1980s), and his cheeky grin and feigned air of innocence enabled him to get away with smutty jokes and innuendoes that would have died in the hands of other comics. Richard Wilson was a regular, playing barrister Jeremy Parsons QC. ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL Medium atomic weights are available: Gold, Lead, Copper, Jet, Diamond, Radium, Sapphire, Silver and Steel. The action took place at Grange Hill Comprehensive and, to make its intended audience feel at home, low, kid-height camera-angles were used. After an initial three episodes which show how all the main characters arrive at Castle Colditz (a supposedly impregnable fortress, known as Oflag IV C, perched high on sheer cliffs in eastern Germany), the series settles down into a portrayal of the rivalry and suspicions that exist among the various Allied nationalities. Mainwaring's "Stupid boy" (to Pike), Wilson's ominous "Do you think that's wise, sir," Jones's "Permission to speak, sir" and "Don't panic," and Fraser's "We're doomed" all became catchphrases. Probably the highest-profile victim was Lord Mountbatten, the subject of a This Is Your Life special in the Jubilee Year of 1977. Former Beat the Clock host Bruce Forsyth was the obvious choice to take charge of the UK version and he quickly established the programme as an integral part of Saturday evening viewing. BBC 1 1963-89; (Universal/BBC Worldwide/MCA) 1996; 2005-, Doctor Who first reached the TV screen on the day after President Kennedy was assassinated. His much-maligned second in command, in the bank as well as in uniform, is Sgt. Public-school-educated and polite to the point of asking the platoon if they "would mind awfully falling in," he is far more level-headed than Mainwaring and never fails unwittingly to undermine his CO. Next in line is the town's butcher, Cpl. Since the first broadcast in 1979, there has been much raiding of attics and basements across the land, in the hope of discovering something of value. The Generation Game is the number-one game show in British TV history, enjoying two lengthy prime-time runs. Elsie Tanner (Pat Phoenix) was the fiery brunette whose promiscuity nettled the local puritans (especially Ena), and Dennis (Philip Lowrie) was her layabout son. Entitled CI5: the New Professionals, it starred Edward Woodward, Kal Weber, Colin Wells and Lexa Doig. The team was finally reunited at Christmas 2005 in Return of the Goodies (BBC 2), a one-off celebration of the series. In return, the Goods bring a ray of wholesome sunshine into the depressingly snobbish life of their wealthier neighbours. Doctor Who trivia is available in abundance. The inspiration had been the 1955 film The Colditz Story, starring John Mills and Eric Portman. Transuranic heavy elements may not be used where there is life. BBC 1 1968-77 Keep up to date with all TV schedule changes in an easy to use format. Childhood Tv Shows My Childhood Memories Sweet Memories Top Tv Shows Great Tv Shows Sanford And Son 70s Party All In The Family My Generation. Though plots were thin and obvious, the in-jokes kept coming -- for 12 years. Buy this series on DVD at Amazon.co.uk, RISING DAMP Participants have explained how the items came into their family's possession, and the specialists have then provided more background information, explaining where, when and by whom it was probably made, and winding up with a financial valuation. It features the investigations of door-smashing, crook-thumping, heavy-drinking DJ Jack Regan (John Thaw) and his junior partner, DS George Carter (Dennis Waterman), who scream around London in a gold-coloured Ford Granada. Viewers do learn, however, that they have green skin and breathe not air but liquid, and that they are a sterile race, having lost the power of reproduction. Doctor Who first reached the TV screen on the day after President Kennedy was assassinated. She ventured into television in in 1968, gaining her own Saturday night series, Cilla, on BBC 1, which ran for several years. Harold Steptoe (Harry H. Corbett), in his late 30s, dreams of a life away from the squalid, junk-filled house he shares with his father Albert (Wilfrid Brambell) at 24 Oil Drum Lane, Shepherd's Bush. Overseeing the whole operation, and telling everyone that they've "done very well," is the store's owner, the doddery Young Mr. Grace (Harold Bennett), a failing geriatric with a dolly bird on each arm, who is superseded eventually by the equally senile Old Mr. Grace (Kenneth Walker). From The Golden Girls to Friends and Game of Thrones, there's always one television series that stands out for a particular reason each year Alongside Craven and Haggerty, DS North and Commander Nichols (Richard Butler) are also added, though they are soon replaced by Commander Fletcher (Frederick Jaeger) and a snooty civil servant named Strand (Paul Eddington). Geoff Love wrote the theme music. It has also given us catchphrases galore -- from "Let's meet the eight who are going to generate" and "Let's see the scores on the doors" to "Good game, good game" and "What's on the board, Miss Ford?." Still Z Cars rolled on, probably showing a more realistic image of 1970s policing than its contemporaries, until the end finally arrived in 1978. However, after the first episode went out at 7 p.m. on 9 December 1960 one critic famously declared that it had no future, being all doom and gloom. A fourth weekly episode -- on Sunday -- was added in 1996, and a fifth -- a second Monday instalment -- began in 2002. She ventured into television in in 1968, gaining her own Saturday night series, Cilla, on BBC 1, which ran for several years. Terry is a cynic, proud of his working-class roots and a true Jack the Lad figure. TV Shows N-Z | / CBS (debut) Exciting but preachy live action Filmation show. Indeed, future stars fared rather well, either as guests or as regulars. Shirley's dad, a security guard at Haydon Electronics, is an irascible social-climbing Yorkshireman who has no time for "that bloody yeti," as he brands Wolfie. Snappily cut together, it was a programme without a beginning and without an end which broke all the rules of television structure. BBC 2 1970-7; 1980/ITV 1981-2, Graeme (Graeme Gordon), Tim (Tim Brooke-Taylor) and Bill (Bill Oddie) are benefactors to society, available to do anything, anywhere and at any time to help humanity. Probably the best loved of all Crossroads characters, however, was the slow-witted, wooly-hatted Benny Hawkins (Paul Henry), first seen as a labourer at Diane's uncle's farm. The main series also inspired a similarly successful American version of the same name, closely following the same format, that airs on the PBS network. BBC 1955-64; ITV 1969-94; BBC 1 1994-2003. In 1964 he won plaudits for his portrayal of Bottom in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and then, in 1969, Hill switched to Thames TV, where he stayed until his show was axed amid rows over sexism in 1989 (even though he had already toned down the voyeurism and ditched the steamy Hill's Angels dance troupe). Food Writer, TV Presenter. 4 January – The UK and world record breaking long-running comedy series Last of the Summer Wine starts as a 30-minute pilot on BBC1's Comedy Playhouse show. Forsyth revelled in the party game format. Clearly divided into male and female sections, supervised by department manager Mr. Rumbold (Nicholas Smith) and floor walker Captain Stephen Peacock (Frank Thornton), the clothing section employs some well-defined comedy stereotypes. However, Crossroads is not the sort of serial that gives in easily and was revived as a daily serial by ITV in 2001 and yet again in 2003. He does, however, have more respect for young Parkin, a Colchester lad who, in the Sgt Major's eyes, has a fine pair of shoulders and always sets a good example to the rest of the unit (Williams thinks he is the boy's father). BBC 1 1973-5; 1978, Frank Spencer (Michael Crawford) is an accident waiting to happen. was an episode of Comedy Playhouse seen in 1972, and the series was based on writer Jeremy Lloyd's personal experience of working at Simpson's of Piccadilly. Till Death Us Do Part began as an episode of Comedy Playhouse in 1965. BBC 1 1979- Stars of the show are ex-Mission: Impossible heroes, husband and wife Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. Together with the gentler John Watt, he offered the classic combination of the nice and the nasty; and such was their success, they headed off to the Regional Crime Squad after three years and a series of their own, Softly, Softly. The programme title is derived from the legend of Charon, who demanded a fee to ferry passengers across the River Styx to the Underworld. In 1992, the year of his death, he entertained selected audiences in a short series called Frankie's on... (the gap filled by words to reflect his location, like Board for the Ark Royal or the Coals for a mining community). Usually, the cases are run-of-the-mill affairs, all set in the Bristol area, but occasionally something juicier turns up to spur the "private ear" into action. Trevor (Anthony Jackson) is Sid's next-door neighbour and drinking pal at the Hare and Hounds, with Betty (Patsy Rowlands) his nagging wife. Saved by Eldina Dee Flint Erazo. Although a mutual respect develops between the POWs, led by the British Lt. Col. John Preston (Jack Hedley), and the camp's tolerant Kommandant (Bernard Hepton), friction increases when the SS threatens to take over the castle and when, in the second series, the sadistic Major Horst Mohn (Anthony Valentine) is introduced. Albert Steptoe is vulgarity personified, a man who washes his socks only when taking a bath. UK (Euston Films/Thames/Central) Comedy Drama. Along with his appearance, The Doctor's character also changes. Never a day passes without a new worry for the Ashtons, headed by morose Yorkshire dad Edwin (Colin Douglas), who is beholden to his pompous brother-in-law, Sefton Briggs (John McKelvey). Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke (Julie and Dick in Convent Garden) 1974 ABC TV Photograph.jpg 350 × 464; 105 KB. Among the longest-serving experts are David Battie and Hugh Morley-Fletcher (both porcelain), Simon Bull (timepieces), Roy Butler (militaria), and David Collins and Philip Hook (both paintings). To install click the Add extension button. Filmed in the Yorkshire village of Holmfirth, it has focused for most of its life on three mischievous but lovable pensioners who pass their twilight years energetically engaging themselves in a second childhood of assorted romps and antics. BBC 1 1978-81, At some time in the third century of the second calendar, the populated worlds of our galaxy find themselves at the mercy of a cruel, remorseless dictatorship known as The Federation. BBC 1 1978-80; 1983; 1985; 1988-90 Private Joe Walker (James Beck) and movie-mad teenager Frank Pike (Ian Lavender) are the other two principals, Walker a black market spiv (a role originally earmarked for writer Jimmy Perry himself) and Pike a bank clerk and mummy's boy whose mother conducts a semi-covert affair with Sgt. Outside lie dark forces of chaos and destruction which take advantage of any weakness in the tunnel's fabric to enter and wreak havoc. He longs to progress his cultural interests and to embark on some romantic journey but is always hauled back to sub-working-class grime by his disgusting, emaciated old man. Eddie is never prepared to give Bill a chance, yet Bill always comes up trumps, delighting in humiliating Eddie and always giving as good as he gets. However, meeting again by chance in 1947, they were able to resume their joint career. Many distinguished actors graced this popular series, including the likes of John Le Mesurier, Bob Hoskins, Ben Kingsley, Juliet Stevenson, Pauline Quirke, Michael Elphick, Liz Fraser, Michael Gough, Jack Shepherd and Connie Booth. 28 April 1974. UK (BBC) Game Show. In 1998, she launched another Saturday evening show, Cilla's Moment of Truth.. Five years later, she dropped a TV bombshell by announcing in a special live episode that she was quitting Blind Date after 18 years.

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