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A $1 million investment in the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge could be used to create new local fishing and hunting opportunities. Some areas are very murky which is not ideal. Established by an act of Congress in 1924, the refuge extends from Rock Island, Illinois, upstream to just below the Twin Cities at Wabasha, Minnesota. Harbors or other dredged areas out of the current. Fishing can be excellent depending on the time of year and water levels. The Mississippi River is also widely known as a walleye fishery because of the clear water of the streams and creeks that feed this river. Look for fish in cooler water zones with water temperature near 80 degrees. The Mississippi in Minnesota is really three distinct rivers: the relatively shallow upper section north of the Twin Cities, the metro river flowing through the cities and the gargantuan lower Miss from Hastings down to the Iowa border. Recent Articles/Videos. In the past three events I fished there, I finished in 30th place at REDCREST last August, 13th at an event in 2016, and 21st in 2012. Lunker smallmouth live from there north. Cloud to Anoka. Upper Mississippi River Bass Fishing. Brandon Lester . Here are some pages which might help the first time canoeist/angler. Walleye slot length limits now apply on the entire Mississippi River. The Mississippi River is a border between 10 different states, from its source in Minnesota all the way to Louisiana. We both had to be 100% focused on finding passable water through the boulder fields and shoals. This is a constant issue for bass fishermen and has really forced many to adapt their strategies. A $1 million investment in the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge could be used to create new local fishing and hunting opportunities. The Mississippi River south of Lake Pepin has surprisingly good water quality with numerous islands and back channels with lots of sandy beaches. Plan Your Visit; Visitor Activities; Permits; Rules and Regulations ; Law Enforcement Just for Kids; For Educators; Wildlife & Habitat; Seasons of Wildlife; About the Refuge; Alert - Refuge Status; Rules and Regulations. Lunker smallmouths live from there to the north. We've been going to this area for a few years now and always have found our own private beach to spend a few days. All walleyes less than 15 inches long and between 20-27 inches long must be released immediately. Recreational activities include boating, hunting, fishing, and swimming. Fishing successes in southeast Iowa lakes range from slow to fair, but there’s good news coming from the Mississippi River. Here, the water is murky, with shipping traffic from the Twin Cities helping to stir up the water. The information has been distilled from various fisheries surveys and reports on the Mississippi River. Certain areas are better than others, obviously. Best locations to catch blue catfish include deep holes, in the main channel, and especially in lock and dam tailwaters, and around rock structures. Years ago I was making top 10 finishes every time I showed up there. The Upper Mississippi flowing through central MN from Brainerd all the way down to Lacrosse, WI has some fantastic smallmouth fishing. Mississippi River access & fishing guide: St. All walleyes less than 15 inches long and between 20-27 inches long must be released immediately. Water quality has improved with fewer weeds floating downstream. The Mississippi River is a great fishing hole where anglers can fish for nearly 200 different types of fish species, including the trophy catfish that are synonymous with the river. This map covers the area surveyed in the Upper Mississippi River waterbird study. We offer many amenities for your comfort while you stay with us. Catfish abound in this prime location and can be found in all sizes. Description: The mighty Mississippi River forms the western border of Illinois, where it glides along flowing south the entire length of the state. Upper Mississippi River levels remain stable. Its length along the border is 593 miles, and its major Illinois tributaries include the Rock, Illinois, and Kaskaskia rivers. In most rivers, I look for areas that have lower flow than the main river. Deeper steeper rocky areas are often the best place to look. On a lot of rivers, these are man made. READ MORE . Blue catfish are also found in the Upper Mississippi River, but are less abundant than other catfish species, especially in the most upstream pools. I have never fished there in the spawn or winter patterns. Water clarity is good. Bass Migrations on the Upper Mississippi River. The Mississippi River is available for fishing year-round in the south, especially near the Delta in Louisiana. Brandon Lester. Water temperature has dropped into the mid-30’s with some skim ice forming in backwaters. Headwaters Fly Fishing Company is a licensed, registered and insured fly-fishing guide service with an IBP National Park Permit for guiding on the Wild and Scenic St. Croix and Namekagon Rivers. Mississippi River: Great Bass Fishing! Only one walleye greater than 27 inches can be kept. The Upper Mississippi River and the St.Croix River are nationally recognized as two of the best smallmouth destinations in the country. fishing on the Upper Mississippi River between pool 7 - 11 has been incredible for many years & only continues to get better. Call us and book your stay for your next family fishing trip, your club tournament, or buddy trip to experience the Mississippi River. With over 2,300 miles and endless fishing spots to check out, the “Father of Waters” is a never-ending source of solid freshwater fishing. Join this bass fishing discussion topic in the Bass University bass fishing forum. The Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge extends nearly 261 miles and contains more than 200,000 acres of fish and wildlife habitat in four states along the Mississippi River from Wabasha, Minnesota, to Rock Island, Illinois. How I will fish the upper Mississippi River. In the north, the most plentiful fishing is during the cold winter months of December, January, and February. Once you are aware of the safety rules and know how to navigate the big river, finding bass should not be hard. Geography. Favorite fish include walleye, sauger, large and small mouth bass, white bass, cat fish, northern pike, bluegill, crappie and perch. I need to do my best when I get up there to stay open-minded, and I’m hoping a three-day practice will help with that. One of the most diverse and intricate system of paddle ways are within a 261-mile stretch of the Mississippi River designated as the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. The Upper Mississippi provides habitat for more than 125 fish species and 30 species of freshwater mussels. What seemingly has changed over the past few years is the amount of flooding that seems to occur all summer long. Walleye slot length limits now apply on the entire Mississippi River. The upper Mississippi river is home to over 119 species of fish, more species than are found in any of Wisconsin’s inland lakes. It has been a very up-and-down season for me up to this point. Three national wildlife refuges along the river cover a total of 465 square kilometers (285,000 ac). Major tributaries to the Upper Mississippi River include the Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, St. Croix, Chippewa, Black, Wisconsin, and Kaskaskia Rivers. Upper Mississippi Fishing Guide Middle Mississippi Fishing Guide. At 2500 cfs it was easily the most challenging jet boating I ever did. Refuge Headquarters are located in Winona, Minnesota, with district offices located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, and Thomson, Illinois. Over the course of the week we fished most of the Mississippi River between St Cloud and Elk River, about 40 miles. Most people with a boat go to a lake instead simply because the river has current and there's the … The fishing on the Upper Mississippi River between pool 7 - 11 has been incredible for many years & only continues to get better. This week we are at our last stop of the 2016 regular season in La Crosse, Wis., on the upper Mississippi River. High-water Bass Fishing on the Upper Mississippi. Mississippi River Smallmouth Bass Fishing In Minnesota. Jeremiah Haas | Jun 1, 2019. And 5- and 6-pound largemouths can be found as far north as Burlington, Iowa. The Mississippi River Pool 2 is located above the dam at Hastings. Both largemouths and smallmouths flourish in the mid- to upper Mississippi. Upper Mississippi River levels have stabilized. www.fishassist.com/fishing-locations/upper-mississippi-river.php Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge | Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Winneshiek View Vacation Rentals 608-317- 8880 Granted, my history on the upper Mississippi River is not ideal. A map and photo of each access give the viewer some idea how to reach the site and what to expect on arrival. Favored baits include cut shad or herring and shrimp. Only one … I personally think that rivers are extremely underfished. Both largemouth and smallmouth bass flourish in the mid- to upper Mississippi. The Mississippi River around the Quad Cities is one of the best fisheries in the Midwest. Ryan, I am a river rat and have fished the upper Mississippi River. Five and 6-pound largemouth can be found as far north as Burlington, Iowa. Most of the time river is about 300’ wide and boulder filled. Visit. Fishing upper Mississippi River in LaCrosse, Wisc., can be floating experience By Bill Hilts Jr. Oct 2, 2019 Oct 2, 2019 Updated Jul 23, 2020; 0; Support this work for $1 a month . September 8, 2016. headed_to_stage.jpg.

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