how to fish a jitterbug for bass

It’s been an old stand by for years. Is it any wonder that I revere the Jitterbug. What is a Jitterbug? Bass are the second-most popular fish sought after by US Anglers (it’s close relative, the Crappie, is #1) in terms of numbers people who fish for them, and #1 in terms of how much money is spent on equipment for them.More types of equipment is made for catching bass than for any other fish. A jitterbug is a … When a jitterbug is retrieved correctly it will wobble from side to side. It is the #1 topwater lure at night! His greatest joy of fishing is teaching a child to fish. We all know that a jitterbug is one of the all time favorites for topwater bass fishing. Deep Water Trolling If you’re trolling for deep water bass, let out 100 yards of line between the rod and the lure. You can of course, fish the jitterbug like most people do and just retrieve it and it will wobble like crazy and attract fish. Saved by Nate Deisem. You can vary your retrieve speed to try mixing things up, but another good technique to use when fishing jitterbugs is the stop and go technique Read more How to Fish with Tiny Crankbaits They are well known for being productive when used for night fishing. The fact that I haven’t caught a bass of that size since or any comparable fish on a Jitterbug … He strictly practices catch-and-release, but sometimes doesn’t have to worry about that after a particularly weak hookset. Bass can blast this bait with as much gusto as they would a metal buzzbait, but the Tex-posed rigging does pose its own harsh realities. "I fish this bait on 7-foot casting rods (the American Rodsmith 610 Jig & Worm or its medium action PTCM model) on Pinnacle reels with 14- to 17-pound Stren line," Thliveros says. It is a pretty simple lure to use. Bass Fishing Lures Trout Fishing Fishing Tackle Fly Fishing Fishing Stuff Fishing Knots Pike Fishing Going Fishing Deep Sea Fishing. Click here to learn how to bass fish with the Jitterbug. Bass Fishing Lures Trout Fishing Fishing Tackle Fly Fishing Fishing Stuff Fishing Knots Pike Fishing Going Fishing Deep Sea Fishing. Other nighttime baits and tactics. Saved by Red D. 9. Wiegmann’s three-point plan for night fishing is a good strategy to try on any deep, clear mountain lake, not only for largemouths, but for smallmouths and spotted bass, too. The only difference is magicians use sleight of hand to make objects disappear, while the pros’ magic begins after their crankbait vanishes in the watery depths. The Jitterbug patiently slop-slopped toward me, the way they do, and the water behind it heaved, and I set the hook on a 7-pound bass, still the largest largemouth I’ve ever caught. How to Fish a Jitterbug. This brand new Jitterbug offers the best of the old and the new, blending a time-proven design with cutting edge features. How to fish a "Jitterbug" for Bass at night! Phillip likes to fish in whatever water is wet and usually likes to catch anything with fins, scales, and eyes, but prefers bass. Seeing bass pros work a crankbait is like watching magicians perform. There’s good reason for that….it works! In this short post, we will cover what a jitterbug is, and how to fish this lure for maximum effectiveness. If you’re close to the outskirts of weed beds, trolling with a jitterbug slowly works well when the line is about 50 feet behind the boat. It has caught big, big bass and always will. Learning how to fish a crankbait properly can make a huge difference. The big wooden Musky Jitterbug historically has produced big bass at night for summertime fishermen. Bass fishing is a multi-million dollar industry in the United States. 370. Jitterbugs are a classic topwater lure that are popular among bass fishermen.

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